How to Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2016)

Enable developer options in samsung A5 2016, How to ROOT Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2016)Enable developer options in Samsung A5 2016

If you want to take control on hidden features of Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 or any A series of 2016, the features which are only available for developers.

This guide is for enable the “Developer Option” in Samsung Galaxy A5, A3, A7 2016. Developer Option will lead you to access “USB Debugging Mode” and  if you want to Root your device or “Unlock” the phone so access to the Developer Option will help you doing this.


This method works same for the Samsung Galaxy A310F, A510F, A710F.

How to enable hidden Developer Options on Samsung A5 2016:

1. Go to “Settings
2. Scroll down to “About Device” tap on it
3. Tap on “Software Info
4. In Software info you’ll see “Build Number” now Tap 7 times on this option slowly.
5. After that, You can see the Popup Message on your screen, says “Developer mode has been turned on“.

Now go to “Settings” again, and scroll down then you can see “Developer Options” just above the “About device”. Tap on it and now you’ll have access to “USB Debugging” , “Desktop backup password” and “OEM Unlock” you can turn on OEM Unlock to root your device.


This guide will help you to access all the hidden features in Developer Options, Works for Samsung A5 2016. Enable developer options in Samsung A5 2016, If you are still having any issues regarding “Developer Option” in your phone. So, feel free to comment below.

This guide also will work for these Devices:

Samsung Galaxy A310F 2016
Samsung Galaxy A510F 2016
Samsung Galaxy A710F 2016

How to Hard Reset Microsoft Lumia 650 with Buttons

Microfost Lumia 650 Hard Reset, How to Hard Reset Microsoft Lumia 650 with ButtonsHow to Hard Reset Microsoft Lumia 650 with Buttons:

In case if you forget security code or maybe you’re having slow performance of windows or hanging issue. And for some reasons you are facing Software problems in your phone. So you need to Hard Reset your device to get rid of all these problems.

Steps to Hard Reset Lumia 650:

1. Power Off the Phone.
2. Press the “Power Button” until you see the Microsoft LOGO.
3. Once you see the Logo quickly press “Volume Down” button.
4. After that you’ll see “Exclamation mark” on your screen.
5. Here Press 3 buttons in the sequence like this : Press “Volume Up then Volume Down, Power button and then again Volume Down”.
6. Last step : When you see “Gear Logo on your Screen” wait until the format complete.

After the format completed, You need to the initial setup of Lumia 650 phone. So just select your language and complete the full process. And then you can use your phone without any lagging or slow performance and any software problems.

Last Words:

This guide is for Hard reset Microsoft Lumia 650, Will post the Soft Reset for Lumia 650 soon. I hope this helps you to Reset your Lumia 650 Phone. If you still need help comment below.

How to ROOT Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2016)

How to ROOT Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2016), ROOT Samsung Galaxy A5 2016How to ROOT Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 with Odin and CF-Auto-Root file?

Android version : 5.1.1 Lollipop

This guide is for perform Root on Samsung Galaxy A310F, A510F, A710F. If you want to unlock the hidden features of your device or you’re facing low performance or maybe there are some applications which you can’t delete or remove and you want to remove unwanted applications.

So, this Root method will solve your problem and increase the performance and will access you to full data backup of your device.

ROOT Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 STEPS:

1. First of all Go to this link through your PC or Laptop “
2. When you access to the home page of that link, Press : “Ctrl+F” from your keyboard and enter your Phone model number.


You Can enter these Model numbers for your device “A310F, A510F or A710F.

Samsung A3 2016 for A310F
Samsung A5 2016 for A510f
Samsung A7 2016 for A710f

3. Enter your phone’s model number and click enter to find your device model number on that page. Just click on “Download”.

4. On Download page click on “Download“, REMEMBER this code is for Samsung A5, but the code will different for each device.

5. When your download is completed, Open the file and extract the folder to your desktop.

6. Go to that folder and open “Odin3-v3.exe” Application and leave it to your desktop.


Now you need to first access to the “Developer Options” in your phone so go to this link to access the Developer Options first.

7. After access to the “Developer Options” go to Settings of your phone and scroll down to Developer Options and tap on it.

5 More STEPS and you’re Done:

8. Finally Here you need to enable “UEM Unlock” and “USB debugging“, after that “Power Off” and press “Volume Down+Home Key+Power Key” simultaneously.

9. Press “Volume Up” when you see Warning message on your screen to put your phone on “Download Mode“.

10. Now connect your phone to your PC or Computer. Once your phone is connected, Go to “Odin3 Application” in the computer and click on “AP” to select your “Root File” which we have already extracted to the desktop.

11. As a result click on “START” in Odin3 application to start the process of “Flash or Root” for your phone and wait until this process is complete.

12. Once your phone restarted just disconnect the USB Data Cable and now your phone is Rooted completely.

Last Words:

I hope this guide help you to Root or Flash your Samsung A5 2016 or A3 and A7 2k16 phone. If you’re still having problem to ROOT Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 device just feel free to comment below and I’ll help you.

HTC Desire 530, 630, 825 HARD RESET from Recovery Mode

HTC Desire 530, 630, 825 HARD RESET from Recovery Mode

HTC Desire 530, 630, 825 HARD RESET from Recovery Mode

Whether your HTC Desire 530,630 or 825 is messed up, locked up or you’re locked out. In this guide you’ll be learning how you can do reset in a few easy steps just using the buttons on the side. You can Factory Reset your phone by using the Power button and the volume buttons.

WARNING: This will erase everything in the internal memory of the phone like : Photos, Contacts, Videos and Apps. All will be gone so make sure you backup everything you need to keep.

How to Reset the Device?

How to Hard reset HTC Desire 530 from recovery mode? This method is the same for HTC Desire 630 and HTC desire 825.

Hard Reset HTC Desire 530 in 3 Easy Steps:

First Step : So, the first step to do the hard reset for your phone first you must powered of your phone from the power button. When your phone is fully powered off, now Push and hold the “Volume down button” and the “Power button” util you see HTC logo on your screen.

2nd Step : Then you’ll see the “HTC Download Mode menu“, press “Volume Down Button to select “Reboot to bootloader” and push the power button. Then you’ll be in the Bootloader mode press “Volume Down Button” again to select “Boot to Recovery Mode” and push “Power button” to enter in recovery mode.

Thirs Step : After few seconds you’ll see a Red Triangle on your HTC Desire phone screen. Now press “Volume UP button” and “Power button” at the same time. Then you’ll be in “Android Recovery Mode“. Now here press volume down button again to select “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset” and press Power Button. Then press volume down button to select yes and hit the power button.

Now press “Power Button” to select “Reboot System Now” and wait until your phone will restart.

When the HTC Desire 530 restarted you can do the initial setup of your phone to setup like new.

Last Words: 

This is the complete guide for Hard Reset HTC Desire 530 Phone from recovery mode, If you still need any help regarding this issue feel free to comment below.

LG Display invests $1.75 billion for flexible OLED demand

LG Display invests $1.75 billion for flexible OLED demand

LG Display invests $1.75 billion for flexible OLED demand

SEOUL— LG Display Co., one of the world’s biggest manufacturer of display screens used in smartphones and televisions. Said Wednesday it would invest 1.99 trillion Korean won ($1.75 billion) to produce flexible organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, displays for use in mobile phones.

From the last many years, The demand for Curved display Smartphones is increasing day-by-day. And users really interested to use something different in technology. Fortunately, LG Display company is here to provide there costumers that experience.

That’s why they have taken notice to that demand and the South Korean Company plans to invest $1.75 billion. (1.99 trillion won) to produce curved OLED displays. In the future many smartphone companies may adopt curved displays in their future devices.

South Korean Company plans to begin a latest production line named “E6” that is planned to start mass manufacturing in late 2018. That will produce 15k (15,000) input sheets every month for 3 million handsets with a curved display of 5.7 inches.

Back in the days, LG Display had already been making more larger OLED displays. Which were mainly used for television although its small-sized screens mainly made of LCDs.

The company is of course a major supplier in the Display Industry, including Apple. This has been using the firms LCD displays in their iPhones. LG Display’s affiliated company LG Electronics is also sources LCD displays from LG Display for its smartphones.

LG G5 which is the latest flagship of LG is also featuring IPS LCD display from LG Electronics. LG Display also happens to be the largest manufacturer of LCD displays at the time.

Advantage of OLED Display:

Advantage of OLED curved displays over the typical LCD display as OLED technology will show the users more saturated colors, such as a darker black. Main advantage of OLED screen is it has more flexibility as it can be folded. and bend hence enabling smartphone manufacturers to bend it into a curved screen for their phones.

OLED displays also made to use less battery and heat problems are also less common. With its latest investment, LG seems to be looking to catch up with its biggest competitor, Samsung Display. Which is currently focusing on the small-sized OLED screen market and shows no sign of slowing down or hanging problems.

Samsung has already been using its OLED displays in many of its devices. Over the past years, from its flagship Galaxy smartphone series to its mid-range J series.

Most recently, Samsung is using OLED curved displays in its Galaxy Edge series, with the latest being the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Seeing how far ahead Samsung is in the OLED display business, LG has a long way to go to match Samsung.

Google Play Books ‘Bubble Zoom’ makes it easier to read comics

Google Play Books 'Bubble Zoom' makes it easier to read comicsGoogle’s new Bubble Zoom feature will make reading comics on your phone easier!

That feeling of reading a comic book on a smartphone is quite bad. Anyone who reads comics on their smartphone can tell you that reading dialogue can be difficult, especially on smaller screen sizes.

The design of any comic book is 7×10.5″/Page on a smartphone screen, that does not translate pretty well at a 5-inch screen. Of course it’s hard to read the full page and see the text, which leads you to lots of zooming and panning.

Fortunately now Google it handling this problem the way it seems to be handling every problem lately. With the help of Machine Learning, Google has taught its expert of computer to detect the speech bubbles in comic books.

Without affecting the underlying image. Hopefully this thing let you see the full page while still reading the text only. Google named this feature “Bubble Zoom“.

So, Bubble Zoom is available now in Google Play Books for your smartphone. We could make a guess an iOS version is coming soon. Till today, Bubble Zoom is a “Technical Preview” but all the famous DC and Marvel collected comic books are supported. Google says it hopes to eventually bring the feature to all the comics and manga ever made.

Google announced the feature at the San Diego Comic Con, and it is celebrating the event with a 50% percent off on “select” Marvel and DC comics—just use the code “SDCC2016” by July 24th.


Master in Business and Accounting Degree At AUSTRALIAN National University in Australia

Master in Business and Accounting Degree At AUSTRALIAN National University in Australia

University, Online Education, Degree, Online Study, Educaiton Degrees,

“The educational atmosphere at this University the meeting highly developed, compared with Colombia, because here I feel I pay more interest to education. I think much focus on learning and good preparation of teachers.

“The picture that I took of education in Mexico is that it is very good. Here the teaching of education is a bit deeper. In Colombia less than half of the race is much pedagogy and mathematics education is. UPN in Mexico there are races in which teaching and educational part are as important as science. I would love to get a scholarship to continue preparing in Mexico, “said Andrea Ortiz.

Fredy Peña and Alejandra Calderon stressed the importance and attention that generally has Mexico to indigenous peoples and in particular, the dedication of the UPN regarding their indigenous students.


“Here I first heard about a Bachelor of Indigenous Education, which does not exist in Colombia. In my country all this historical part has been lost by all the impact of globalization. While in Mexico, although going in parallel and is a developing country, do not forget those roots and that seems very nice , “he said Fredy.

Meanwhile, Alejandra said “there in Colombia are known to indigenous communities, but rarely touches that topic. There is no race as such approach them. If anyone is recognize by their dress. ”

Their expectations about academic contact with Mexico, Peña Acuña said that interests “cultural learning, exchange with Mexican culture seems very interesting. Obviously all you can learn for my academic and professional development in teaching of mathematics is also welcome. ”

Anecdotes TRAVEL

To Alejandra Calderon, “meet researchers and know what they do here and how focused” is what interests him most, because she hoped that “work more or less like there, with very mathematical things or focused on that discipline, but I realized that work a lot with communities. ” I expected that Mexico was smaller. I thought that three weeks would be sufficient to meet the DF. We were also surprised when we got to the house we rented, at five or half past five p.m., we thought that I was about to get dark, but it was until 8:30, when my country gets dark at six, so we’re a little out of step with the times “.

One of the recurring themes in conversation with foreigners is the food and this was no exception; Fredy Peña referred to the spicy meals.

“I am a part of Colombia called Santander and there are accustomed to chili, but preparing it is here stronger. What I found amazing is that there are about 100 varieties of chili. You say that some foods have caused me quite fierce, “said joking Colombian student UPN.

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