Download Samsung Sidesync APK for Free 2017 [Latest Version]

Download Samsung Sidesync APK for Free 2017 [Latest Version]Download Samsung Sidesync APK Free 2017 [Latest Version]

Samsung SideSync:

SideSync is a PC suite that helps you connect your mobile devices with PC. It is developed by Samsung and replaces its predecessor (Samsung Kies) with new features added to it.

With Samsung SideSync latest version 2017, you can conveniently mirror your screen and share data between your PC and mobile device. It bundles various other features like “Samsung SideSync APK Free” syncing alarms of your phone, making phone calls and sending text messages through your PC.

HOW TO USE Samsung Sidesync APK:

Samsung SideSync is very easy to use application, with its clean and clutter free interface. You can install it on PC and MAC. To use SideSync, you can install the application on PC and mobile device and connect them with USB cable or Wi-Fi.Download Samsung Sidesync APK for Free 2017 [Latest Version]

You can download the PC and MAC application from the links below. For a mobile device, you can download the app from the link below for Samsung SideSync V4.1.1.3 APK” . SideSync is only available for Android devices.


The latest feature that differentiates SideSync with Kies is that it allows you to make phone calls and send text messages through your PC. This feature already existed for the MAC OS users.

Download Samsung Sidesync APK for Free 2017 [Latest Version]

With a push notification like feature, you will receive notifications for text messages and phone calls. You can receive phone calls or reply to the text message through the pop-up window.


SideSync enables its users to drag and drop files as well as text that they want to share between the PC and mobile device.Download Samsung Sidesync APK for Free 2017 [Latest Version]

It provides the users with a variety of file types that they can share. Also, you can transfer a file on your PC to your mobile device storage while you are sending emails or text messages.

Download Links for Samsung SideSync Application:

These are the links to download SideSync for PC, Mac and Android Devices with a direct link to ‘download Samsung SideSync APK’ for smartphones and tablets.

Samsung SideSync Requirements:

Below are the recommended requirements for Sidesync. It is better to check the requirements, before installation of SideSync on your PC/Mac or Android device.

For PCDescription
OSWindows XP SP3 or higher(32/64 bit supported)
CPUIntel® Pentium 1.8GHz processor or higher (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz higher recommended)
RAM1 GB Recommended
Free SpaceAt least 500 MB
Screen Resolution1024 X 768 (600), 32 bit or above
Required Software1. Windows Media Player 11 or above
Windows XP : Windows Media Player 11 or above
Windows 7, 8 OS(N or KN) : Windows Media Feature Pack
"Media Feature Pack" is available from Microsoft homepage (

OSWindows XP SP3 or higher(32/64 bit supported)
CPUIntel® Pentium 1.8GHz processor or higher (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz higher recommended)
RAM1 GB Recommended
Free SpaceAt least 1 GB

OSSmartphone : Android KitKat(4.4) or higher
Tablet : Android Lollipop(5.0) or higher

How to Install Samsung SideSync APK Free in Android Device:

  • First Download the apk file from the link given above.
  • Copy the apk file to your phone.
  • Enable “Unknown sources” by going to Phone Settings and Security.
  • Navigate apk file using File manager.
  • Tap on “Samsung SideSync_v4.1.1.3.apk” file and follow the on-screen instructions to install.
  • Once the installation is completed, app shortcut should have been created on the app drawer.
  • You can now launch and use and ‘Download Samsung SideSync Apk’ and start syncing data between your mobile device and PC.

The Main Working Principles Of The Giant Tunneling Machines 2017

The Main Working Principles Of The Giant Tunneling Machines 2017The Main Working Principles Of Giant Tunneling Machines TBM (2017)

Our ideal conditions for this special machine technology to achieve high advanced rates. The cutter head with its cutting tools designed specifically for the geology ensures an accurate excavation profile initial measure to secure the rock are taken directly behind the cutter head.

What is Gripper TBM?The Main Working Principles Of The Giant Tunneling Machines 2017

The named gripper TBM is derived form the laterally extendable gripper shoes before each stroke the machine is braced against a previously excavated tunnel wall.

Using these laterally extendable hydraulic thrust cylinders in the backup area the excavated tunnel diameter is permanently supported with rock bolts and concrete.

If necessary in addition further supply facilities are installed. Haren connect tripper TBMs are customized to each project with boring diameters from 2 to over 12 meters.

The machine shown below has a diameter of 8.5 meters and a length of 190 meters to the end of the backups system. With a driving power of 42,00 Kilowatts.

Working Method With Cylinders of TBM:The Main Working Principles Of The Giant Tunneling Machines 2017

The Thrust cylinders push the rotating head forward, it’s equipped with 58 cutting tools. The disc cutters they are pressed against the tunnel face with a pressure of up to 32 tons per disk.

They are roiling movements break single pieces so-called chips out of the rock. Water jets installed on the cutter-head minimize dust formation and cool down the cutting tools optionally ingratiated sensor system ensure early wear detection this facilities the planning of efficient maintenance intervals for the tool change.

Technical Support and Refurbishment:

Paired connect offers in house manufactured long lasting disc cutters as well as customized technical support for refurbishment.

On site buckets installed at the cutter-head to take up the excavated material due to the rotation of the cutter heat the material slide to the center of the machine.The Main Working Principles Of The Giant Tunneling Machines 2017

The integrated mug shoots there it falls through the funnel shaped much ring into the machine belt running to the rear further belt conveyors of transport vehicles then remove the rock chips form the tunnel.

Before each stone the machine is braced against the tunnel wall with the gripper shoes. The contract pressure is provided by the laterally extendable hydraulic cylinders, the two cylinders fixed to the gripper unit push the cutter head forward against the tunnel face.

Connection and Working of Shields in the TBM Tunnel Machine:

Several partial shields allow a flexible reaction to rock convergences they are telescopic and stabilized the TBM.

During the boring process prevent vibrations and thus reduce wear and tear a roof shield often equipped with a finger shield, extending backwards protects man and machine against Rockfall.The Main Working Principles Of The Giant Tunneling Machines 2017

The weight of the tunnel boring machine rests on the invert shield, it slips directly over the tunnel floor and serves as a pivot points for steering.

After completion of a strike tunneling is interrupted, the machines supports is extended and the gripper unit is moved forward to the tunnel face. The gripper unit not only provide the pressure for the thrust it, also serves to steer the TBM.

Different Views and Fundamentals:The Main Working Principles Of The Giant Tunneling Machines 2017

The View from above shows the main beam on a sliding bearing in the center of the machine moved vertically and horizontally using the hydraulic cylinders of appropriate cylinders.

The Cylinders opposite to each other, interact on the main beam with different degrees of pressure, and thus create the slowly moves.

Stations to the West and Canary Wharf for Tunneling with TBM in 2018:The Main Working Principles Of The Giant Tunneling Machines 2017

When it opens in 2018 a company that works for tunneling, Will connect 28 existing stations to the West and the City and Canary Wharf. Through 21 Kilometers of new twin-bore tunnels under central London.

Eight tunnel boring machines, or TBMs, will drive through the ground to create tunnels.

A TBM is a 148 meters long and weights a thousand (1000) tonnes. This is the equivalent of 14 London buses end-to-end and a staggering 143 buses in weight. It has a rotating cutter-head at the front and a series of trailers behind housing all the mechanical and electrical equipment.

Types of TBM Machines:The Main Working Principles Of The Giant Tunneling Machines 2017

There are two types of TBM being used by the Company, first one is “Earth Pressure Balance TBMs” and second is “Mix Shield TBMs”.

Six earth pressure balance TBMs will be used for the 18 Kilometers of Clay to the West and the riverbed deposits in the east, while 2 Mix-Shield machines will be used to drive the tunnels through the chalk under the river Thames.

Apple Computer – Apple 2 and 2 C The Original iPhone Back in 1977

Apple Computer - Apple 2 and 2 C The Original iPhone Back in 1977Apple Computer – Apple 2 and 2 C The Original iPhone Back in 1977

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. But what you may not know is the story of the iPhone actually dates back all the way to 1977. Not only is this month the 10th anniversary the iPhone, it is actually the 40th anniversary of the “Apple 2”.

Tech Inside of Apple 2:

The Tech inside this was mostly design by Steve Wozniak, but in classic Steve Jobs form, he actually took the spotlight and debuted in 1077 at West Coast Computer Fair and yes, Apple did build and sell the original “Apply 1” a year prior, but really this was the first Apple product geared for the masses.

Apple 2 was totally different than computer we see today. Unlike Apple products today, Apple actually wanted “Apple 2” to be really accessible to the users so they can upgrade parts. Users can add iO not like anything we see today with Apple, where they charge users hundreds of dollars for RAM.

Megahertz Processor In Apple 2?Apple Computer - Apple 2 and 2 C The Original iPhone Back in 1977

Now for reference to how far things have come today, Apple 2 had a one megahertz processor. And for contrast, user could need about 2,000 of these to equate to computing power inside most phones today. Something interesting with the Apple 2 is there was no floppy disk drive on this machine.

So the way you accessed data or really did pretty much anything was through add on peripherals. But the attention to details on Apple 2 is kind of crazy. What immediately stands out to us is the Apple computer logo right smack in the middle and we are willing to bet that this was more than likely intentional because of how OCD Steve Jobs was.

Power Supply for this Computer:

One the left side of Apple 2, we have the power supply followed by the speaker below that. Hopping over the keyboard, we found “BELL” written on the G key. We actually not sure why there is a BELL text on it.

So we did a quick Google search, and found “The BELL key was actually activated by typing control G. That’s a holdover form old typewriters and teletype machines that actually had a little metal bell in them.”

Keyboard of Apple 2:

Moving on to the keyboard. The Keyboard of Apple 2 has some nice Clicky, tactile response, very similar to a mechanical keyboard. In addition to the Bell key there’s also a REP key. Which we would assume means repeat, but also unlock any computer keyboard we see today.

Interesting Fact:

We actually used to have a disk drive that we thought would be a great idea to turn into an SSD, throw it in then give it away. But that left us without an option for the Apple 2.

But not to worry we have the Apple 2 C as well, which does have floppy reader built-in and will allow user to play any game maybe “The Glorious Oregon Trail”. We tried this game with Apple 2 C using the Floppy Diskette. Honestly that was the darkest Oregon Trail game we have ever played on Apple 2 C.

Apple 2 C (Faster-Forward from 1977 to 2007):Apple Computer - Apple 2 and 2 C The Original iPhone Back in 1977

Now from there, let us fast-forward form 1977 to 2007. When the Apple 2 first came out, it was often referred to as an (Appliance Computer) just like those things in our kitchen.

Steve Jobs really wanted people to associate the Apple 2 just like they would have blender or a toaster not in the way that would make you food. But more so that it was insuitive and would make your life easier.

Apple iPod Hi-Fi Review – Apple’s First Home Audio Device 2017 (BUY NOW)

Apple iPod Hi-Fi Review - Apple's First Home Audio Device (BUY NOW)Apple iPod Hi-Fi Review – Apple’s First Home Audio Device

This is Apple’s first home audio device, the iPod Hi-Fi. Announced in 2006 by Steve Jobs, the Hi-Fi was a speaker system with a built-in dock designed for iPod using what was then the cutting edge technology of its time, 30-Pin.

Now looks-wise, this was built to match Apple’s design aesthetic which back then was mostly gloss-white. Now because the Hi-Fi was designed for iPods, it came with every adapter you would need to connect but on the back, there was also a aux input so just in case you want to be a rebel, you could also connect you Zune.

What makes iPod Hi-Fi Unique?Apple iPod Hi-Fi Review - Apple's First Home Audio Device (BUY NOW)

What kind of made the iPod Hi-Fi unique though, wells yes, you could plug it into a wall to power it up just like the HomePod. But, Unlike the HomePod, the iPod HI-Fi had built in handles and the reason why it had these, you could actually also power this through D batteries. So Apple at the time mus have had some crazy vision of people rocking this outside in public.

Comparing iPod Hi-Fi with the HomePod:

Now, when comparing the iPod Hi-Fi against the now current HomePod, things get a little crazy. First, the announcements were scary-similar. They stressed audio quality, “A ported base reflex design so you can see the ports coming right out the front. We get great base out of this thing and it does not distort when you crank it up” (Said Steve Jobs).

That is automatic base equilization in dynamic software modeling so as we turn the volume up, it’s free from distortion. And in classic Apple fashion, how current products are not meeting people’s needs?

Steve Jobs Said:

“But the problem with these products is that none of them really offer home stereo quality. Other companies have worked to make smart speakers, that you can talk to but they don’t sound so great when you listen to the music.” Where it gets super crazy though that the iPod Hi-Fi was released at the exact same price as the current HomePod: $349.Apple iPod Hi-Fi Review - Apple's First Home Audio Device (BUY NOW)

“Really more in the iPod economy space at $349. The HomePod is gonna be priced for $349.” Said Steve Jobs. So it’s pretty clear the iPod Hi-Fi and the HomePod have a ton in common and that got me thinking could I turn the original iPod Hi-Fi into a HomePod?

Testing the Original Apple HomePod with Siri:

So, we tested this Original Apple HomePod with Siri. With the fair warning, this is in no way practical and anyonein their right mind should not try this but for science we tested. So, clearly hooking up something like an Echo Dot to an external speaker is the simplest and most practical way to do things. But we ain’t looking for practical.

So the goal there was to get Siri working through the iPod Hi-Fi and the first thing we tried was the very cheap, inexpensive Bluetooth 30-pin adapter. We thought it would look cool, it woule match the iPod and kind of keep that 30-pin vibes going.

At the Last iPod Hi-Fi sounds great:

The problem was though, after we connect and listen to a (mobile ring tune) that works great that means music will play through the iPod Hi-Fi but if you tried it with the Siri, it won’t work with it instead your phone speakers will responds rather than iPod Hi-Fi.

Keylogger Software Free Download Full version with crack 2017

Keylogger Software Free Download Full version with crack 2017Keylogger Software Introduction:

Keylogger Software Free Download Full version with crack 2017

A lot of you guys have been wondering about keylogger software even wondering about how to use it or maybe about why it can be a bit of a scary thing.

What is the essential idea behind KeyLogging?

Bascially the essential idea behind the Keylogging is that you install onto a computer and it will trac everything that gets typed into the computer.

So if somebody types a username or a password in that will be saved or if somebody types a search query or a paper or docutment or any of that kind of thing all of that information will be stored into the Keylogging software.

So that it can be viewed later using the software or depending on the software it will be stored and then it will be sent out. It can either be emailed out or FTP out or basically somehow move off the computer to a remote location so that you can essentially spy on the computer.

What is the Classic Idea behind KeyLogger Software?

This classic idea of Keylogging software is that it was able to grab text anything you typed into the computer. That was the classic idea of Keylogging software back from about 2000. Now as things continue on as things progress not just due to computer and such advanced but also this type of software.

Keylogger Software Free Download Full version with crack 2017

Nowadays not only does KeyLogging software grab text that people type into computer but it also can save screenshots it can grab chat messages some of it can grab video. It can email all of that information out there is a lot of functionality to this Keylogging software these days.

What are the ways to do KeyLogging?

There are different ways to do KeyLogging but in this article we are discussing about “KeyLogging Software”. This is a software you download and you install onto a Windows computer.

When we are thinking about Keylogging software, in simple words Keylogging software is one of those things that have million different versions of. Today we are gonna disscus a particular one but don’t feel like this is the only one out there as there are million versions of keylogging software.

The one things that we warn you about is when you use a keylogging software you have to be very careful about who you trust to create your software. Means any hacker where they take 2 cents can create a Keylogging software in an evening. Building this software for people that study computer science is not big deal.

What Additional Functionality is whitin the Keylogging softwate that you don’t know about?Keylogger Software Free Download Full version with crack 2017

Simply if you go out and download a keylogging software from any website on the internet install it onto your computer you may find out that some hacker created that software and now not only are you spying on the computer but somebody else is grabbing all of that information too.

This is one thing that you have to be very careful about because if you download and install keylogging software onto a computer from a source that is trying to spy on your information you may have just compromised your network and you may have just cause lots of problems for yourself.

Keylogger Software Free Download Full version with crack 2017


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